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PGA Apprentice Nick Badel

 is the NB behind PURE.


Nick has been playing the game of golf for over

30 years and has played on every level: junior golf, high school, college, and professionally.

The term “pure” originates from lingo used on the golf course. It is used to describe numerous things in the game of golf such as a well struck golf shot, a pristine course, magnificent views, lush conditions, and overall great course architecture.


“I’ve been fortunate enough to play some of the top courses in the world. Each time I would play a phenomenal course, I would post a photo to

social media with the caption: "PURE."

It became a joke amongst my friends and students that PURE. should be my brand name. I decided that was a great idea and PURE. was born.

 I describe PURE. as “a no BS golf brand” because it’s either PURE. or it’s not! There is no in-between.”

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